Government Incentives

According to the World Investment Report 2011 issued by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows to ASEAN amounted to US$79 billion in 2011, compared with China’s US$105.7 billion and India’s US$24.6 billion.

Governments in the ASEAN countries see incentives for strategic business activities as major policy instruments in the attraction of foreign investment funds to the region and provide multiple forms of business incentives to attract foreign direct investments into their respective countries.

Such initiatives include investment incentives in the area of tax, subsidies, relaxation of regulatory requirements as well as land use concessions. Co-financing operations provide additional funds in the form of official loans and grants, risk transfer arrangements and parallel loans.

Asean Investment’s connections with local government funding agencies creates complementary project financing sources for our clients and further access to interesting fiscal and promotional incentives.